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With a life spent as an entrepreneur, Los finds himself at the helm of an 8-figure agency and multiple 7-figure sister companies, becoming a world-renowned speaker, thought leader, and the go-to marketer. He’s achieved extreme success in the online space working with influencers, entrepreneurs, and SMB’s - helping them scale pass multiple 7 and 8-figure marks.

Los has become the go-to for SMB’s to transform into what he calls “Powerhouse Brands”, through paid media, brand building, and improving every metric in between. He simplifies his very complex but proven system into this 3-part formula:

Acquisition + Conversions + LTV

Los has worked with business owners and companies including Heidi Powell, Thomas DeLauer, Josh Elizetxe, Ryan Moran, Kent Clothier, Justin Colby, Know Foods, The Good Kitchen, Jawzrsize, Raphael Vargas, Steve Weatherford, Ed O'Keefe and many others.

"I run multiple 6, 7 and 8-figure brands so when it comes to generating leads or customers, Creating engaging & converting marketing campaigns and implementing systems & processes I turn to Los! He's not only helped scale multiple businesses of mine, he's the first person I recommend when my students are ready to take their brands to the next level.  At the end of the day, when you have a marketing problem you call Los. Plain and simple."

Kent clothier — Ceo of real estate worldwide.

2015 - Broke, Busted & Disgusted

Los understands the high’s and low’s of business and entrepreneurship. In 2015, after giving up an 8-figure business and 1M in assets to a former business partner, he found himself where every entrepreneur is terrified to be - lost. 

However, failure is a tool for success, not a stopping point. 

Moving his office back into his house, his 2 most persistent employees (now business partners and best friends) kept showing up at his door determined to help build something big. Unbeknownst to him - this was the birth of SVG Media.

2016 - The Birth of SVG Media

With his expertise in digital marketing and the help of his 2 employees, they quickly turned a new partnership from 4-figure months to 6-figure months with a 7-figure run rate in 90 days. Best part? This wasn’t by accident. In 2 short years, this brand became the driving force behind the Ketogenic diet and has since earned multiple 8-figures in revenue.

2017 - The Year of Relentless Growth

The demand for business skyrocketed, forcing the team to grow in order to handle the demand. Businesses came flooding in to partner with SVG Media, as they quickly became the go-to for brand building, customer acquisition, and ultimately, scale. 

In just shy of 2 years, they became a dominant competitor in the health and fitness space, scaling multiple million dollar partnerships - serving over 500,000 customers.

With 2018 just around the corner, Los and his team focused on building systems scaling internal processes - setting them up for undeniable success in the coming years.

2018 - Awards, Recognition, And Purpose

In 2018, Los and his team earned multiple 7-figure awards and an 8-figure award for their unprecedented success in the online space. However, their purpose isn’t found in achieving awards, but rather deeply rooted in their passion for building and scaling online businesses - while transforming the lives of their clients, partners, and 1,000,000’s of customers around the world. 

2019 - The Evolution of SVG

With an emphasis on growing partnership businesses, it was time to scale their own. At the start of 2019, SVG Media launched their agency division, opening them up to the public (aka anyone with a hope or dream to scale their online efforts). By March 1st the agency grew to 7-figures and counting.

Increasing brand awareness through a strategy called “Perpetual Propaganda”, Los put himself and SVG Media on the map, affording him the opportunities to speak at Craig Ballantyne, Kent Clothiers, Ed O'keeffe's and Bedros Keuilian’s events & masterminds!

2020 - It's Only The Beginning

Solidifying their presence in the online space, SVG Media has become one of the fastest growing and sought after agencies of 2020 - now servicing and partnering with some of the biggest E-Commerce players, course creators, and online businesses in the world. 

From a small home office to a 3,500 square foot office in the heart of Winter Park, Florida - Los has transformed the lives of 1,000’s, including himself and his families, and this is only the beginning.

Businesses & Brands Los Has Consulted With

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