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January 7, 2020

Case study - How We Scaled revenue by 572% & generated $1.75M


SVG Media partnered with Origin Supplements in Q4 of 2018 with the primary goal of optimizing Origin Supplements Shopify store and scaling the brand via Paid Media. We immediately overhauled & optimized the website for conversion, integrated the SVG tech stack, integrated and launched email and SMS message marketing all to increase revenues. We also built out and launched a paid media strategy to maximize scale with new customer acquisition.

About Origin

Origin Supplements is an online supplement brand founded byFitness Influencer Bradley Martyn and is based out of southern California.

Niche: Supplements,eCommerce
Demographic: Male, 18-35
Time Frame of Study: Jan 1, 2019- Dec 31, 2019

The Challenge

When SVG partnered with Origin Supplements, all store revenue was attributed directly to influencer marketing. The challenge at the time (Q4 2018) was that the Instagram algorithm had shifted and an influencers swipe up power began to diminish making scaleability very difficult without a backend system in place.

Our primary initiative became to:

  • Create a system for scale by leveraging paid media
  • Optimize the website for conversions
  • Implement a backend email and SMS system to recapture lost revenue and increase LTV
  • Remove the burden on the influencer to solely drive traffic to the storefront

The Approach

Our approach was simple, first we performed an in-depth audit of the website and the current marketing plan.

From there we determined this would be a full rebrand and redesign of the website, marketing plan and physical products.

At the time, Origin had a 1.1% conversion rate, zero email marketing set up, zero sms marketing set up and no paid ad strategy outside of occasional boosted Instagram posts.

Origin fully relied on influencer swipe ups and was suffering from "Leaky Funnel Syndrome".

We determined SVG would focus on the follow areas of growth in 2019:

  • Increase Website conversions
  • Implement & Grow Email & SMS Marketing
  • Utilize Custom Sales Pages For New Customer Acquisition
  • Launch & Scale Profitably on Paid Media
"Our mission is to pair our proven growth strategies with your incredible vision and together create growth."- Los Silva CEO / Founder of SVG Media

The Solution

We began with a full website redesign. We crafted product descriptions that provided deeper insight and value for the consumer, we implemented a customer review system to increase conversions utilizing real customer testimonials, we rebranded the supplement packaging and redesigned the website with the goal of increasing conversions.We also implemented the use of custom built sales pages and targeted one click upsell offers for both cold traffic, retargeted traffic and special email &sms promotions.

While developing the new branding and website, we implemented and launched SMS & Email marketing along with rolled out a new paid media strategy that would encompass Facebook &Instagram, Google Search & Display and YouTubeAdvertising.

SMS Marketing

We introduced Origin Supplements to SMSMarketing in January of 2019 utilizing PostScript and focused on three primary objectives.

  1. Abandoned Cart
  2. Mobile Only Pop Up
  3. 2X Monthly SMS Broadcasts

Over the course of 12 months, SMS generated a total of $259,766 (15% Of Total Revenue) in revenue with the following breakdown:

Campaign Revenue: $79,240.99
Automation Revenue: $69,902.01
Keyword Revenue: $65,894.76
Coupon Revenue: $44,728.36

Email Marketing

We also introduced Origin Supplements to EmailMarketing in January of 2019 utilizing Klaviyo and similarly to SMS Marketing we focused on three primary objectives.

  1. Abandoned Cart
  2. A Welcome to Origin Sequence
  3. Consistent Monthly Email Broadcasts

Over the course of 12 months, Email generated a total of $268,779 (19% Of Total Revenue) in revenue with the following breakdown:

Automated Flows: $84,433
Monthly Broadcasts: $179,386

We also performed monthly audits of emails to maintain a high open and high click rate to maximize email revenue.

Paid Media

We initially launched our paid media initiative focusing on leveraging the brands & influencers audience and re-marketing to the 3 million+ subscribers and to all website visitors within the past 60 days. The initial results of the 4 day launch were as follows:

With a 28.21 ROAS on $441.42 spent, We were very happy with our test results to say the least.

We quickly rolled out our full re-marketing campaign. Our primary goal with paid media was to focus on customer retention, re-marketing to recapture lost revenue and maximize/leverage the influencer & the brands social profiles. Over the course of 12 months, from re-marketing efforts alone with Facebook & Instagram, we spent $171,886.16 on re-marketing, recaptured 7,343 abandoned carts and generated $446,053.41 with a 2.59 ROAS.

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